Ever since I was a young boy, I dreamed of going wireless..

Well, not really. But, it sure is nice to not have wires that get twisted up and in your way. A couple years ago, I started using the wireless LG headsets with my iPhone. The LG’s are not truly wireless. They hang around your neck and via a retractable wire, you insert into your ears.

I started tracking the Earin wireless earphones when they were announced on Kickstarter. They were pretty expensive and when they finally started shipping, the reviews were disappointing. I then switched my focus to Bragi’s Dash.

Again, the Dash was expensive, heavy and the reviews in the wild were less than favorable. Could anyone produce a quality product at a reasonable price?

Bragi then announced the upcoming Headphone. Strange name, especially in this era of internet searching. It seemed like Bragi had met my specs for truly wireless earphones. At a price of $149, good battery life, no unnecessary frills.

After some positive reviews including from The Verge, I took the leap and preordered. Bragi missed their original shipping deadline but I did receive a couple weeks ago.

My first impression was positive. They sounded good and seemed easy to operate. Pressing buttons while in the ear is a little uncomfortable but manageable.


I have experimented a lot with the different tips. The default tips sound good but after several minutes, my ears would itch and bother me. I then tried the comply foam tips. Much more comfortable than the silicone. They take longer to get in the ear though. In fact, just getting them turned on and in my ear takes 20 – 30 seconds. In contrast to my LG headset that takes less than 10 seconds.

The comply foam tips are great. However, they appear to break down much sooner than the silicone. I ordered some additional comply foam tips online so I can replace the originals. But, I have to say I am a fan of these tips overall. But, time will tell. If I am having to replace them every couple of weeks, I may change how I feel about them.

The Headphone comes with a little plastic storage box. There is no built in charging in the box. Many people have complained about this. While it would be nice to have, this was not a deal breaker for me. The battery life is said to be close to 6 hours. That has been good enough for me. I will wear them a few times and then pop into the box, plug in, and charge. I like that the earphones blink a white light once fully charged.

Where the Headphone really shines is for workouts. At the gym, I will typically do some cardio and weights. I used to use the LG headset while at the gym. However, the sweat would irritate my neck where the headset touched. This problem goes away with truly wireless, though. I can watch a tv episode on the cardio. Then, I can listen to music with the Headphone. No wires! No headset! Freedom!!

The one downside is that occasionally, one of the earbuds have fallen out of my ear while working out. Overall, they stay in my ears very well. But, over time they will fall out. Not a big problem, but something to be mindful of. I do get a little paranoid if I am wearing somewhere that a drop would likely mean a loss. But, I tend to adjust them in my ears a little more frequently to ensure they are secure.

The audio transparency feature really intrigued me. Having the ability to listen to music that does not cancel out the outside world is a plus. I have not noticed a big difference between when the setting is on and off. Perhaps I just have not tested in a proper environment. Will continue to test out audio transparency. If any updates, I will update on this page.

I am far from an audiophile, but the Headphone sounds very clear to these ears. The volume seems appropriate as well. I keep the volume at about 80% and it sounds good. As with any earbud like this, to ensure a good bass sound, you must use a tip that seals the ears properly. Along with ear comfort, this is why tip selection is so critical.

Phone Calls

I have not used extensively to make phone calls. But, the audio sounds good to me. I can hear clearly even while working out on an elliptical. Plus, I received no complaints from the other party. So, that sounds like a win to me.


Overall, I woud recommend. The Headphone does not replace my LG headset. I still use the headset while working. The quick connect via the rectractable cables is very useful. I use the Headphone for workouts and just extended periods where I want to listen to music and maybe move around some in the process.

I am sure in time, technology will render these obsolete (think the Dash touch / on board capabilities in a lighter / cheaper product). But right here and now, the Headphone is a great entry point into the truly wireless category. You will not miss the wires, though, you will have to work a little harder to keep up with your wire free purchase.