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Month: March 2017

Melbourne Part Two, High Tea and Cricket

After an amazing, but exhausting day on the Great Ocean Road, it was time to explore the city of Melbourne on Tuesday.  My brother had to work this day, so during breakfast, my sister and I planned out our day.  At this point, my sister informed me that she wanted to visit the Hotel Windsor for ‘high tea’.  I was not really sure what high tea was.  I like tea, though, so it sounded good to me. It turns out that high tea is typically something women get together and do.  And, since my sister did not have a...

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Maiden Drone Voyage

Here is the maiden voyage of our Phantom Standard 3 (Mark II) drone named the USS Raven.  My nephew CJ came up with the name and I like ravens, so the name stuck. I say Mark II since Mark I crashed in the woods and, despite the valiant efforts of my brother to revive it, the wounds were too deep. Anyways, enough about the first drone.  The new and improved (improved in that the new one has a accidental warranty on it so that if (when) there is another crash, we are covered) drone took it’s first flight today.  It was slightly windy.  However, nothing it’s experienced pilot, Evan, could not handle. This flight was recorded in beginner mode.  Thus, we were restricted to 100 feet in height.  That was fine for today given the windy conditions.  The resolution of the video was pretty impressive to me.  Ho Hopefully, this will be the first of many drone flights for the USS Raven.  And hopefully the locales get a little more exotic than our back...

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Leaving home for two weeks to visit Australia and New Zealand. Did not seem real. Would I really be gone from home that long? Having not been away from home for more than a week at a time. The flight to LA was relatively painless. I worked on the way and listened to some music. No problem. The LA flight was delayed about an hour. As a result, we did not have a layover and basically went straight onto another flight to Sydney aka the long stretch. I slept some. But ended up watching movies and listening to music....

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